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PT Dance Jam

I have partnered with the Jefferson County Branch of the YMCA to put on this weekly event. Every Wednesday night  the Mt. View Gym is transformed into a prime spot for dancing!  The floor is smooth, the space has subdued lighting, and there is a comfy area with pillows and twinkly lights for resting. Music is recorded (though we may have live music at special events–stay tuned) and amplified to inspire your body to move.

The purpose of the dance jam is to give people an opportunity to really connect with their bodies in the middle of the week. In the midst of workweeks, school nights, stress and busyness, movement is a fantastic way to shake it all off! The PT Dance Jam offers no instructional moves. This is not a class. I do create a safe space where emotions and energies are welcomed and embraced (and sometimes shed), but I do not interrupt your dancing to guide you in any way. The nature of dance is that it is therapeutic, and healing. If you add this ingredient to your regimen of healthy habits, you will surely notice the benefits! I especially recommend combining this Wednesday night freestyle dance with other dance offerings in the community. It will keep your body challenged and give you a well-rounded mix of ways to stay grounded and healthy. Check out my Resources page for links to dance in PT.

The music played at PT Dance Jam is varied and eclectic, which invites an infinite number of ways to move your body! Music is from all over the world, some with lyrics, some without. Current music is played as well as ancient rhythms and classic songs. Warm-up music begins 10-15 minutes before the start of the evening to allow for people to really stretch and slowly ready their bodies for an evening of movement.

The cost of this event is low to encourage dancers to experience it weekly, to really make it part of their routines. We also have a work/trade opportunity available each week for someone who would like to help set-up and/or take-down as payment of their entry fee.

The YMCA’s mission includes fostering programs that promote “healthy living.”  The PT Dance Jam is just one program that seeks to fulfill that mission. Come, dance, raise your heart rate, lift your spirits, and find community. It’s that simple.

*a place to nurture the artist within*


Mini-Nest Art Gatherings

The Nest is a vision I have of a community arts space where people can do their art in a studio with others for a low fee. Supplies are provided and the space is inspiring and creative.

I currently have Mini-Nest events at my art therapy studio: community art on a smaller scale.

Every week we gather in my art therapy studio to work on art projects among others doing the same. Sometimes there are themes and the projects are collaborative, but the main goal for these events is to provide a space for artists to gather and paint, knit, write, draw, etc. without feeling isolated. Art doesn’t have to be done alone. Participants can come for the inspirational atmosphere and be as interactive with others as they choose. Ask other participants for feedback, or work quietly–it’s up to you! Enhance your art with interesting and varied supplies for a low fee. All are welcome. Space is limited (this is a mini-nest after all) to 6 people at a time.


 Inner Wisdom Group (Pre-Registration Required)

This weekly Art Therapy group addresses a number of topics including grief, stress, anxiety, depressive symptoms and relationship issues. However, the purpose is a bit unique.  Your artwork and participation in the group will help you turn the volume up on your wise voice. We are all here to support each other and to birth the wise one inside all of us. Registration is required for this group and the fee is $100 per month. Topics are sent to members every Monday (the day before group). Art supplies included in the fee.


Drop-In Art Therapy Group

This is a drop-in group, meaning you can come to one or all of them without committing either way! It is a space I hold for you when and if you are ready to engage in a process of using expressive arts to grow with others. We cover a variety of topics including stress, relationship issues, boundaries, self-image and self-esteem, etc. Art supplies are included in the fee.


The Art of Grief

How do you cope with grief? That question gets asked a lot…and I’m wondering if it’s the right question to ask. Perhaps we should be asking, how do you express your grief?
This group is designed to help people bond together in the grieving process–no matter how aged or fresh their grief may be–and make it beautiful. For there is beauty, even in sorrow.

This group is for the sad, the angry, the confused among us. This group is for people who miss someone: a pet, a lover, a grandson. This group is here for you if you need a place to create something out of your loss. A place to be witnessed, to hold others and to express your grief.
In words, in art, in a safe space.

Monthly Art Therapy Group

This monthly group is designed for ages 13 and up.

Though it seems contradictory, scheduling a time to be creative is often the best way to unleash your creative spirit. This group gives you the opportunity to create art pieces layered with meaning, and birthed in a safe and sacred space. Confidentiality and respect of each other are imperative for this group to achieve its goals:

  • Providing you with ample opportunities to create art out of your life experiences
  • Reflecting your inner beauty, joys and struggles in the mirror of other participants–making it nearly impossible to feel isolated in your experience
  • Opening your soul to the healing powers of art, and of creating art with others

It is multi-generational so that the learning can be much richer for all involved. Join us for this group, and please call or email me with questions.




Learning the Language of Dance

If you come to this class expecting to learn “plié” and “rond de jambe,” you will be sorely disappointed. That is not the language of dance I am referring to. The point of this class is to learn your body’s unique language. This class will help you master your own dance vocabulary, putting together phrases your body has longed to express, but didn’t know how.

Class is meant for beginners who are unsure or feel insecure about their dancing abilities, and for those who feel comfortable in their dancing bodies and may want a refresher in listening to their body’s purest form of expression. This mini-workshop is a half hour and takes place directly before the Wednesday PT Dance Jam. This two hour dance jam is the place you can practice exploring your body’s individual language. The eclectic variety of music styles enables one to feel challenged and stretched in ways that the body deeply needs. Consider the dance jam a testing ground, for which there are never any grades–just information gathering. Moving from Learning the Language of Dance straight into the PT Dance Jam gives you an opportunity to solidify the new information your body is sharing with you and to integrate it immediately into your life by dancing it alive.

I host both events and can help you cross over into the Dance Jam if you are feeling timid or unsure. I am there to keep the space safe and exciting, quiet and loud, contemplative and silly. I am also available to assist you further individually if and when emotions come up on the dance floor or after the dance that you want to explore more deeply.

This mini-workshop is in development and will be announced here and on my calendar when it is available. If you are interested about it and want to be updated on it, please contact me and let me know. I will keep you in the loop!

Cost will most likely be $5-10 sliding scale fee, or $10 total if going to both mini-workshop and PT Dance Jam. All funds acquired for PT Dance Jam go directly to the YMCA of Jefferson County, who sponsors the event and provides the space.


Exploring Challenging Relationships


Do you feel a disconnect in a relationship? Is there a pattern of misunderstandings, miscommunications and missed connections? If you are in the midst of a difficult relationship with a friend, family member, romantic partner, or co-worker,  and want to explore what is keeping it from flourishing, this is a great workshop for you! I will take you through a series of expressive arts exercises that are designed to help you gain clarity about your relationship. You will learn about the person you have trouble with, and your reasons for relating to them the way you do. Once you have this clarity, you can begin to look at other relationships in your life and see them through a lens of better understanding.

If we listen, our bodies will tell us many stories about the pains and joys we’ve experienced in our lives. Join us for this two hour workshop and use expressive arts activities to explore your own stories and how your body communicates them with you. Start a visual dialogue with yourself to clarify what it means to be “the picture of health.”  Feel more connected with your body and positive about your health. No art experience necessary!

Check my Calendar for updated information on events.



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    • I have two questions.

      I am interested in knowing how many hours the Wednesday night dance improvisation event lasts, ie…from 7pm until ?

      My second question is, what time does the warm up music start ie…at 7pm, or 10-15 minutes before 7pm. Thanks, Sharon

      • Alana says:

        Hi, Sharon. Thanks for your questions. The dance is scheduled from 7-9, with warm-up music playing gently around 6:50pm. I hope to see you there! You have a really lovely website and content. Hope to dance with you soon.

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